CTI at a Glance

Fall 2020 Update

The data presented here are from June 1 - August 31, 2020

To help faculty prepare for a summer session taught entirely online and a fall semester with both online and in-person teaching scenarios, the CTI created multiple avenues of virtual support. This summer, the CTI designed and delivered a robust schedule of programming to support online learning, facilitated multiple department meetings, established schedules for extended technical support, and hosted daily, live drop-in support sessions.

The CTI also developed two important new resources to help instructors and teaching assistants get started in their roles at Cornell:

  • The Teaching at Cornell Guide: an online introduction to key aspects of teaching and learning at Cornell University through the lens of the five elements the CTI believes to be critical to instructor success
  • The TA Online Orientation: a voluntary, online option to prepare teaching assistants for their upcoming teaching responsibilities at Cornell

Workshops & Department Meetings

Between July and September 2020, CTI held more than 60 workshops and department meetings

  • 54 workshops on online teaching, in-person teaching with remote students, and new learning technologies
  • 14 department meetings
  • The majority of the workshops were recorded as resources for faculty unable to attend live.
  • Over 1700 faculty participated in these workshops and department meetings
  • 94% of all survey respondents (faculty attending workshops and department meetings) said participating was a good use of their time.

Faculty Support Consultations

  • More than 390 faculty visited our live drop-in sessions via Zoom for instructional design, teaching, or technology support.
  • Over 2900 teaching support tickets resolved

Learning Technologies

  • The University purchased a site license for Poll Everywhere, making polling available to all courses at no cost to students
  • We made important updates to the Learning Technologies Resource Library
  • Our two learning technology pilots FeedbackFruits (peer assessment) and Hypothes.is (social annotation) have been quite successful:
    • Hypothes.is: 12 faculty participated over the summer, and 66 have signed up for the fall
    • FeedbackFruits: 1 instructor participated over the summer, and 52 have signed up for the fall

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