Assisting students in quarantine during prelims

You may have students in isolation or quarantine during scheduled prelims or other high-stakes assessments. As the instructor, you are best positioned to make decisions around testing or alternative assessment options for your students. As always, consider what resources, material, or guidance students in isolation will need to prepare for your prelim or assessment.  

Some options to consider for students who are in isolation or quarantine include:

  • Consider scheduling an in-person make-up prelim once the student is out of isolation.
  • Offer the prelim online, using the Canvas Quiz tool. Consider these tips for high-stakes testing with Canvas Quizzes. If you offer an exam online, consider these options:
    • Remind students of their commitment to academic integrity in online environments.
    • Use Zoom to proctor an online exam.  This can be offered synchronously during your normally scheduled exam time (or at another coordinated time with the instructor and student).  The student can access the exam in Canvas and a Zoom link can be arranged to mirror the approach to in-class proctoring. 
  • Offer the exam online using Gradescope. Currently, in beta, online assignments let you create questions directly in Gradescope, also offering the option to lock down a student’s browser.  Contact CTI for more information on getting started.
  • Consider practice quizzes, term projects, draft papers, discussions, presentations, reflection papers, or peer reviews. A range of assessments can offer a more equitable way to measure learning (assessing content learning more than test-taking skills).

In addition to these ideas, consider other ways to promote academic integrity or rethink the traditional prelim.