CTI Graduate Teaching Fellows

The CTI Graduate Teaching Fellowship provides graduate students with an opportunity to design and implement teaching programs, events, and resources that foster teaching excellence and innovation. Participants will develop leadership and mentorship skills, reflect on and refine their teaching skills, enhance their communication skills, and foster collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching networks across the university.

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2020-2021 Fellows

  • Jason Chang, Biomedical Engineering
  • Sara Davis, Natural Resources
  • Rachael Fieweger, Microbiology
  • Joshua Garcia, Horticulture
  • Hannah Hughes, Romance Studies
  • Mary Kate Koch, Human Development
  • Kavya Krishnan, Soil and Crop Science
  • Colleen Lawlor, Chemical Eng
  • Jeff Liebert, Soil and Crop Sciences
  • Roy Moyal, Psychology
  • Thuy-Tien Nguyen, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Julia Nolte, Human Development
  • Jeff Pea, Nutrition
  • Alec Pollak, English Language and Literature
  • Shriya Rangarajan, City and Regional Planning
  • Renee Sifri, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • David Specht, Applied Physics
  • Emily Wollmuth, Microbiology
  • Doga Yucalan, Aerospace Engineering
  • Brianna Zgurich, Philosophy