Evaluating Student Learning in a Major, Graduate Field, or Program

The Center for Teaching Innovation can facilitate working sessions with faculty from departments or graduate fields on the topics listed below. Please contact cornellcti@cornell.edu if you would like to arrange for a session for the faculty in your department or field.

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Designing Meaningful Learning Outcomes for a Major, Program, or Field

In this facilitated discussion, faculty will work together to create or redesign student learning outcomes that communicate what students will learn in a major, program, or graduate field. Learning outcomes help faculty make decisions about the curriculum and define the most meaningful skills, knowledge, behaviors, and habits of mind in their discipline.


Mapping Student Learning Outcomes across a Curriculum

In the first part of this session, faculty will discuss which learning outcomes are taught in the required courses within their major, program, or graduate field. This will allow them to evaluate whether there are gaps in their curriculum and if students are building their skills and knowledge over time with opportunities for practice and reinforcement across the curriculum.


Evaluating Student Learning in a Major, Program, or Field

This workshop is designed to be a first step in developing and implementing an effective plan to evaluate and improve student learning in a major, program, or graduate field. What indicators of student learning or achievement are important in your discipline? How can faculty collect and evaluate samples of student work in an efficient and effective way? How can faculty use this information to improve their courses and curriculum?