In-Person Teaching with Remote Students

Course Support for In-Person Teaching with Remote Students

In-person classroom with distancing & masks + student attending remotely

As recommended by the Committee on Teaching Reactivation Options, in-person courses will be expected to provide remote access to the classroom for students who are in quarantine or have not returned to campus (e.g., due to health risks, inability to travel). This means making some important changes when facilitating the course in class.

We have developed two tracks to help instructors implement the strategies listed below in a manner that works best for their teaching needs. Explore the tracks below, and if you are interested in joining our Guided Course Support track or attending individual workshops through our Independent Course Support track, please fill out the registration form linked to each workshop in Track A below.

Teaching Strategies

Because this teaching scenario involves students in the classroom and students attending remotely, you will engage students in ways that you might not have experienced before. Students will have various ways of responding to you and the class. It takes time to develop this facilitation skill; the tips and resources below can help smooth the transition to teaching in this format.