Summer Program

About the summer program

The International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Summer Program to support incoming international students who speak English as an additional language and who have teaching assistantships for the fall semester. It offers a high level of individual guidance, small group sessions, and activities designed to help students familiarize themselves to Cornell’s campus and culture. Students will have the opportunity to refine their oral communication and teaching skills, as well as to critically examine the impact of culture on teaching and learning.

Students who are invited to join the summer program will participate in a language assessment and, depending on the results of the assessment, may be assigned to ALS 5780 for additional support to accelerate their success.

We also encourage summer program participants to explore and use our directed practice resource.

Program dates and schedule

Dates: The 2021 summer program took place August 4 - 12, 2021

Learning outcomes

The summer program is designed to help new international teaching assistants:

  • identify personalized goals for improving oral English language proficiency
  • identify evidence-based teaching strategies
  • practice evidence-based teaching strategies

Eligibility & registration

Invitations to join the summer program will be sent to international teaching assistants who:

  • are new to Cornell
  • speak English as an additional language
  • have a teaching assistant appointment in the fall semester

Your Graduate Field Assistant (GFA) should notify you if you will have a teaching assistantship for fall semester, and whether you should attend the summer program.

If you will receive a TA appointment and have not received information about the ITAP Summer Program, please contact your GFA.

Please contact the ITAP team with any questions about the summer program.