Any Person, Many Stories faculty mini-grants

To engage the campus teaching community in our Any Person, Many Stories: Histories of Inclusion and Exclusion at Cornell project, we invite instructors to submit proposals for mini grants to assist with embedding an assignment that explores histories of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Cornell into a course they are teaching this year.

The assignment should ask students to produce research-based, media-rich historical narratives. Narratives may center around moments, individuals, groups, or change processes that provoke examination and reflection on aspects of inclusion and exclusion in our community.

From the embedded assignments, we will consider submitted student work for a public history digital exhibition that aims to foster an abiding sense of belonging for all by sparking genuine, necessary conversations about Cornell’s past, present, and future. In particular, our project goal is to collect stories about key moments, people, and places that made efforts to include marginalized groups, or conversely, moments when the institution clearly failed to include individuals based on a social identity, or grappled with racism, inequity, civil rights, or social justice on a national or international scale.


Mini-grant winners will receive $750.00 to fund development of the assignment and any related costs. We anticipate awarding 5-10 grants each semester during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Creating digital exhibitions frequently requires funds for digitizing historical documents. Applicants may request funds to cover the costs associated with digitization for the project as needed during the course of the project.


All faculty and instructors who are currently teaching undergraduate, credit-bearing courses at Cornell are invited to submit proposals. Any instructor of record (including graduate students, visiting faculty, etc.) may apply.

We will invite participation in the project from individuals not associated with a course through a separate, open call for submissions (not grant-funded).

See the call for proposals for more detailed information on participating in Any Person, Many Stories

Please contact CTI with any questions.