Proctoring Services

What are Proctoring Services? 

Proctoring services provide a secure, convenient way for instructors to administer online exams to students in remote locations (off-campus, outside the classroom, etc.).  

Why are Proctoring Services Important? 

Proctoring services are beneficial to both instructors and learners. They can help ensure security and academic integrity through authentication and proctoring. Proctoring also provides more options for remote learners to take exams, especially if they are unable to come to campus. 

Considerations for Proctoring Services 

Selecting a proctoring service to support your blended or online course will depend on many factors such as: 

  • Should the service integrate with Canvas? 
  • Is automated proctoring desired? 
  • Should browsers/applications be locked down? 
  • What is a reasonable cost for students to pay to take the exam? 
  • How much lead-time can you provide for setting up the exam? 
  • Should the exam be password protected? 
  • Is simultaneous exam taking desired? 

Getting Started with Proctoring Services 

Contact the Center for assistance with identifying the services and features that best support your exam needs. You can also explore the Resource Library items on your own.