Quality Review

 What is Quality Review?

Cornell University is committed to excellence in all of its blended and online learning offerings. The evaluation of online courses involves many of the same criteria applied to traditional classroom courses, but also necessitates the use of new criteria more directly based on the online environment.

Why is Quality Review Important?

A well-structured course provides students with a consistent navigation scheme and improves usability of content materials, assignments, and assessments.

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) is an initiative designed to safeguard distance-learning students and provide them with greater access to online courses, as well as to protect state and institutional interests. Cornell became an approved SARA institution in February 2017.

Considerations for Quality Review

Both existing and new courses benefit from the quality review process. It is recommended that instructors periodically review their courses for both quality, accuracy, and relevancy. If you are creating a new online course, contact the Center early in the process to include key quality review features while developing your course.

Getting Started with Teaching Online

Contact the Center for more information on quality review or explore the Resource Library items for guides on how to get started. Learn more about Cornell's Quality Review Program for blended and online courses and submit a request to have your course reviewed.