Course Build

What is Course Build?

Developing an online course, or adapting an existing in-person course, can be time-consuming, and planning enough time in your schedule will be important to the quality of your course. It involves creating new content or reviewing content for online, developing course media, being proactive about creating accessible content, and quality review.

Why is Course Build Important?

Since fully online courses do not have the benefit of in person interaction, thoughtfully building your course with as much information as possible for your students is essential. To avoid confusion and maintain student focus, course materials should be organized and easy to navigate.

Considerations for Course Build

It is recommended that you fully build your course before it begins so your time can be spent interacting with learners instead of trying to stay one step ahead. Accessibility will need to be considered early, and before any students disclose a disability.

Getting Started with Course Build

Contact the Center for more information on course build or explore the Resource Library items on your own.