Video Recording & Production Services

What are Video Recording & Production Services?

The Center offers assistance in creating videos for instructional use. These include help with do-it-yourself projects, loaning equipment, providing a space equipped for recording video, and full production services with a video crew.

Why use our Video Recording & Production Services?

Creating high quality video can be challenging and what is required can go beyond what can be done by an individual. The Center has an experienced production crew that can help with more complex instructional video creation like educational modules, documenting of research, and promotional pieces. Video can be shot in a full production studio and/or on-location.

Considerations Video Recording & Production Services

Although in some cases these services are free of direct charge, many are on a fee-for-service basis. Communicating concepts to a camera can be quite different from talking to a room full of people. It can take time to become comfortable and learn how to speak on camera. Our video crew can provide tips and guidance on doing so.

Getting Started with Video Recording & Production Services

Contact the Center for more information on video recording and production services or explore the Resource Library items on your own.