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Plan, Prepare, Teach

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In online learning, course activity is generally completed online with no in-person on-campus activity required. Plan, Prepare, Teach is a framework for online course development and delivery for engaging student-centered learning. The framework emphasizes applying evidence-based practices for learners, aligned with learning outcomes while ensuring accessibility for students. 

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Designing your course:  explore Planning Your Course: A Decision Guide to think about situational factors affecting your design.

* The weekly teaching time expectations and time estimates for instructional and learning activities above were developed by Pennsylvania State University. The guidelines and estimates also match New York State Education Program policies.

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Familiarize yourself with available technology tools and resources for online teaching.

  • Create and assemble your course content to support your activities
    • Use the video tool comparison table to decide which options best address your course
    • Create video lectures and recorded sessions or interviews (including captions) using Zoom (live sessions), Panopto (record lectures), and/or Kaltura (share video content)
    • Create or modify downloadable course materials (Office, PDF, etc.) to ensure they are accessible to your students
    • Use other digital options as needed to engage and assess your students online or in person, such as PowerPoint Voiceover (to record a slide show with narration), Gradescope (to streamline and standardize paper-based, digital, and code assignments), Poll Everywhere (to poll students), Digication (to create digital portfolios)
  • Ensure that your course content is accessible to maintain an inclusive online teaching environment.
  • Build or reorganize your Canvas course with the flow of your students' learning path in mind and ensure your content is accessible.
  • Evaluate your course by using the Online Course Readiness Checklist as a guide

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Set expectations, be present, and connect with students.

Please email us with any questions or for more information on these and other resources for teaching online.

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