Accessibility Tools (Ally & more)

Cornell supports a variety of tools to help you create accessible content, or verify and remediate existing content that you use in your hybrid and online courses.

  • Ally: an accessibility checker that will integrate into Canvas to check your course content and help you remediate any inaccessible materials
  • Canvas - this tool allows you to check the accessibility of your Canvas course itself
  • Equidox: this tool for checking and remediating PDFs is more intuitive and user-friendly than the accessibility checker in Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Adobe Acrobat PRO: for PDFs
  • MS Office: for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents
  • Web content: WAVE and SiteImprove are available to Cornell instructors
  • Learn about captioning resources for video content

The IT@Cornell web accessibility team can also help answer your questions about online content accessibility.