Peer Review of Teaching Observer Guidelines

These guidelines can be adapted by departments for use in a classroom observation situation and offers potential questions to facilitate the practice of the peer review of teaching. It is meant to assist faculty members who are observing a class and provides suggestions for a pre-observation meeting, the classroom observation, and the post-observation meeting.

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Class Time & Room:

Observer Name:


Data of Observation:

Pre-Observation Meeting

The following are questions that can be asked of the instructor in the pre-observation meeting. Based on this discussion and a discussion of the unique criteria for effective teaching established by their department, the observer and instructor identity two to three aspects of the class on which the observer will focus.

  • What do you want the students to have learned by the end of this class?
  • How will class time be used? What can I, as the observer, expect to see?
  • How does this class fit in with the overall course?
  • What preparations for this class have the students been required to perform?
  • Are there specific aspects of the class on which you would like to receive feedback?

Post-Observation Meeting

The following are provided to help guide the post-observation discussion:

  • How well did students learn what the instructor intended them to learn in this class? What went well?
  • What challenges were there?
  • What might be changed for the next time?
  • Discuss any additional points that were raised in the pre-observation meeting.