Pilot Technology Workshop Series

The Center for Teaching Innovation is piloting FeedbackFruits through through Spring 2021, and we welcome instructors interested in facilitating peer interaction in online spaces to view the workshop to learn more about the pilot technologies. 


We will be holding workshops in collaboration with FeedbackFruits. These workshops, entitled Peer Reviews and Collaboration with FeedbackFruits, will feature the benefits of peer interaction for both students and instructors, concentrating on three use cases that drive peer engagement. We will explore ways the FeedbackFruits Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation, and Interactive Video tools can support those use cases.


Watch a Recording of Peer Reviews and Collaboration with FeedbackFruits from February 4, 2021

You can also watch individual sections of the workshop:


Watch a recording of the FeedbackFruits Pilot Technology workshop

 from Fall 2020.

You can also watch individual sections of the workshop: