Using iClicker without Canvas

What to Tell Students 

Provide students the following instructions for registering their clickers: 

To register your iClicker remote: 

  1. Go to the iClicker Registration Site.
  2. Choose responses to the two questions to match the below image:
    Under "Which software will your instructor use in class?" select iClicker classic (formerly iClicker 7). Under "Which Learning Management System does your institution use?" select My institution does not use an LMS
  3. Click the text “Click here” in the blue highlighted area.
  4. Fill in the form with your information, verification code, and acknowledgement of the iClicker policy and terms.
    NOTE: Your Student ID and Email must be your Cornell Net ID and Cornell Email address:
    Screen shot of Register your iClicker page, with fields filled in
    5. Click Register. 

You do not need to register your iClicker each semester in this system. It will be remembered from semester to semester for you. You can also register new clickers without having to remove any previous clickers.

If you cannot read the iClicker remote ID, please stop in with your clicker and someone can confirm your iClicker remote ID. We recommend keeping the number some place with your clicker.

  • Center for Teaching Innovation, 123 Computing & Communications Center building (on the Ag Quad, near Bailey Hall), between 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday

How to Setup Your iClicker Program 

Setting up the iClicker software for the first time: 

  1. Get the iClicker software from the Center or download it from the Center for Teaching Innovation Clicker site.
  2. Connect the iClicker receiver base to your computer. If you need one, please contact the Center.
  3. If you are running the iClicker software from a flash drive, connect the flash drive to the USB port on the receiver base or plug it in to your computer. You may also need to plug the power cord in to the receiver base, if provided to you.
  4. Once your computer recognizes the flash drive, you may be prompted to Open Folders and Files (for PCs), or it will be displayed automatically on your desktop (for Macs).
  5. Double-click on the iClicker icon to open the drive.
  6. Locate and open the iClicker folder on the flash drive.
  7. Double-click the iClicker program icon to start the program.
  8. At the main iClicker screen, click +Create.
  9. In the Create a New Course window, enter your course name and click Create.
  10. Back at the main iClicker screen, click on your course name and then click the Settings button. 

Course Settings 

The Course Settings window has tabs along the top. You can edit the settings in each tab and then save all settings once you are done.

  1. General Tab: Type in the clicker ID on the back of your blue instructor remote in the Instructor Remote ID field. Leave the Frequency Code set as is. Check that the Show Frequency Alert Message is set to: not at all. Check the box Prevent App Nap if not already chosen.
  2. Registration Tab: Leave this setting as is.  
  3. Mobile Tab: If you choose to allow students to use the iClicker Reef Polling app, follow the steps listed on the Getting Started with Mobile/Web Polling page.
  4. Gradebook Tab: The Roster Source should be General (No LMS). Primary Institution should be Cornell University, and the Server URL must be blank. Check the one box: Upload zero scores as zero. If you want absent students to receive zeros also check the box: Upload Ab (absent) scores as zero. Leave the rest of the settings as is.
  5. Roll Call Tab: Do not modify the In-class (roll call) registration settings as you will not be using the roll-call method of student clicker registrations.
  6. Toolbar Tab: If desired, change the size of the toolbar or the Polling time. Most instructors leave Polling time at "Count up from 0 seconds," but if you need to limit the amount of time students may respond to questions, such as an in-class quiz, set a "Count down from time."
  7. Scoring Tab: If you will be providing points to your students for responding to clicker questions, set the points and thresholds for achieving those points. There are two types of points: Participation and Performance. Keep in mind that these settings are for all questions and all class sessions. Individual question point settings can be modified after class in iClicker’s Gradebook. Points can be awarded as fractions of a point, allowing you to set points less than 1.00.
  8. Results Tab: It is recommended that you keep the default setting for the Results Chart displayed in class for Multiple choice results as Color. The Numeric and Short Answer settings do not apply, since clickers cannot respond to those type of questions. Leave the Results display setting unchecked.
  9. Base Display Tab: You can view the responses in real-time as they are submitted by the students on the iClicker receiver base. It is recommended that you keep the default setting for Multiple choice display: Show the number of votes for each answer choice. The Numeric and Short Answer settings do not apply, since clickers cannot respond to those type of questions.
  10. Demographics Tab: You may ask demographic questions of your students, which are completely anonymous and can be used to view responses to your actual lecture questions based on your demographics. Please contact us for assistance with using Demographics.
  11. Click the Save button to save the settings for all tabs that you have modified.
  12. Once you return to the main iClicker window, click the Start New Session button to start a poll.

How to Connect Students’ Clickers to Their Names 

In order for iClicker to recognize your students properly, you will need a roster file for your course. You can create one yourself through Faculty Center. Once you have created this file, check that it is in the proper format of: 

lastname1, firstname1, netID1 
lastname2, firstname2, netID2 
lastname3, firstname3, netID3 

…and so on.  

No other data should be in the file. Finally, change the file name to be exactly: roster.txt (check to be sure there is no hidden extension on the end of this file name) and save it in your iClicker USB flash drive or in your iClicker course folder on your computer. This file will replace the existing roster.txt file found in the iClicker folder: Classes: The Name of Your Class folder. To connect your students to their clickers, follow these steps: 

To connect your students to their clickers, follow these steps: 

  1. Open your iClicker program and click once on your course.
  2. Click the Open Gradebook button.
  3. A list of the students in your roster file will be displayed, alphabetically by last name.
  4. After you have used iClicker on your class at least once, click the Sync button to connect students to their clickers.
  5. You will need to update your class roster file at various dates during the semester to include new students and to remove students who have added and dropped your course, as well as associating students who register their clickers after the first time you have synchronized.

How to Export Clicker Points to Display in Your Course Website 

Follow these steps to export clicker points from iClicker to a file that you can upload to your course website: 

  1. Open your iClicker program and click once on your course.

  2. Click the Open Gradebook button.
  3. Click the Export icon.
  4. The Export Session Data window appears. Click the check box(s) next to all sessions that you want to export or click Select All.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Customize your exported data on the Export Session Data popup.

    a. For Selected Session(s) choose Each session is a separate entry for Selected Session for individual session columns or Aggregate session together as a single entry for one total-points column.
    b. For Points Uploaded, choose Total points unless you would like to separately track Performance and Participation points.
  7. To export the session data to a file, click Export and save the file to the course folder on your iClicker USB drive or to your computer.
  8. The student scores are saved in a file called Uploadfile.csv.
  9. You now have a file that contains the clicker data and can upload this file to your course website.
  10. Only one Uploadfile.csv can exist in your course folder at one time. If you wish to export data into more than one file, you will need to move or rename the previously-created Uploadfile.csv before exporting a different selection of sessions. When you no longer need the information in the exported file, you may leave it in your course folder and it will be overwritten the next time you need to export the clicker data.