What's New in Canvas

New for Fall 2020

Mute Notifications by Course (for All Users)

This change allows any user to mute all notifications for a course in which they are enrolled. When course notifications are enabled, the Canvas Home Page displays View Course Notifications button. The icon in the button displays notification status: enabled or disabled.

Limited Submission Attempts (for Instructors)

This feature allows instructors to limit the number of attempts students may make when submitting Canvas assignments. The default setting allows students to submit assignments an unlimited number of times. Instructors may choose to limit the number of attempts students may make for a given assignment by using the Attempts menu.

When submission attempts are limited, students will see the number of attempts they have made as well as the number of allowed attempts.

Rubrics in Course Navigation (for Instructors)

The Manage Rubrics button has been moved from the Outcomes page to the Course Navigation Menu. This provides a more intuitive workflow and more rapid access to course rubrics.

Recent Changes

Bulk Updating Assignment Due Dates and Availability Dates (for Instructors)

As you prepare for the upcoming semesters, you may be copying your course content from a previous semester’s course. Canvas has new feature that allows you to edit course assignment dates for all your assignments on one page. This way, you can account for any holidays or structural differences between semesters. (See Instructure’s Canvas Guides for more information). This feature allows for more flexibility than the “Adjust events and due dates” option available during the copy process.

Older Changes

See all previous changes and updates to Canvas.

Release notes:

The Canvas corporate website provides detailed information on all releases, including those presented on this page. Note: as this is a link to the corporate website, not all changes described on the linked page are applicable to Canvas at Cornell. If you have any questions or would like additional information about releases, please contact the Cornell Canvas team.