Mid-Semester Feedback Program

This confidential program assists faculty members in obtaining student feedback about the course at a point in the semester where there is still time to adapt and improve.  

Why Participate in the Mid-Semester Feedback Program? 

  • Show your students you are interested in what and how they are learning. 
  • Adjust your course to address student learning while the course is in progress. 

Getting Started with the Mid-Semester Feedback Program 

There is minimal time commitment on your part. You will need to send the survey to students, and the Center will schedule a 30-minute meeting to review the feedback and discuss ideas for the rest of the semester. After you have contacted us to request a survey, the Center does the following: 

  • Creates the mid-semester feedback survey
  • Collects and analyzes the student responses
  • Shares the feedback with you and provides ideas and resources to adjust your course

Contact the Center at cti_msfp@cornell.edu or (607) 255-7224 to arrange for the survey.