Engaging Students

Active Learning

Active learning methods engage students and help them learn better.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning encourages students how to effectively work with peers, help each other learn, and makes them feel that they are part of a learning community.


Meaningful class discussions teach students how to express concepts and ideas in their own words, develop reasoning skills, and hear diverse perspectives.

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning asks students to work on open-ended, complex problems, usually as a team effort.

Increasing Student Motivation and Participation

Increase student motivation and participation in the learning experience, so that students learn better.

Using Effective Questions

Use effective questions in class to stimulate student thinking and to identify areas of misunderstanding.

Writing Assignments 

Incorporate writing assignments in class to help students write better, and to develop their thinking and reasoning abilities.

Large Courses

There are a variety of strategies that instructors can use in large courses to actively engage students and build a positive sense of community.