Compare recording tools

Which lecture recording tool is right for your teaching needs?

There are several options available for recording your lectures for remote teaching. This table compares the main features of tools to help you decide which one is most appropriate for your teaching needs.

Comparison of Lecture Recording Tools
Function PowerPoint Voiceover Panopto Zoom
Recording Records your audio and slides Records audio, slides, and video of the presenter (you) Records interactive session including you and your students or other participants. Content can also be displayed through screen sharing
Display No video of your face Can show video of your face Records all video and audio involving class participants. Chat text is saved as a separate file.
Intended use Not meant for collaborative/interactive space with students present Not meant for collaborative/interactive space with students present Meant for interaction with students. Students can share audio, video, and content as well. Breakout rooms are available.
Canvas Integration Obtain the recording from your computer and manually upload into Kaltura within Canvas Recorded inside the Canvas environment Can be set up to record in the cloud, within the Canvas environment.