Hybrid & Online Learning

Many instructors have embraced hybrid learning, in which students and instructors meet in-person while also incorporating some online elements. This dynamic format can provide new opportunities for collaborating with your students, exchanging resources and ideas, and can enhance interaction among students as well.

In this section, we discuss a number of technology tools that Cornell offers to help you with this transition.

As you start to develop your hybrid or online course, keep in mind that some of the material that you already use in classroom teaching may transition easily to an online learning environment, while some may need to be reworked. Creating a hybrid or online course provides an opportunity to develop new material and implement innovative teaching strategies.

Try This

  • Communication with Zoom: Zoom is one tool for engaging students in real-time conversations with the instructor or each other. Use Zoom for online lectures, group discussions in breakout rooms, presentations by outside speakers, or office hours. Students can also use it to meet for group projects outside of class time. As the instructor, you can schedule Zoom class meetings within your Canvas course and record them for students to watch or review later.
  • Video Instruction: Panopto allows instructors to create instructional videos. This can be a good way to prepare students for active learning in the classroom. Moving some of your content out of the classroom, and into short videos (5-10 minutes), will make space for interactive activities during class.
  • Online Discussion: Do you want all of your students to contribute to discussions? Online discussion platforms such as Canvas Discussions and Ed Discussion provide alternative ways to engage with course content. To help discussion forums operate more smoothly and facilitate learning, provide your students with clear guidelines about online etiquette, expectations for posting, and share information about the grading process. Also, bring examples from online forum contributions into your classroom to bridge learning.