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Spring 2022

Quiz Tool Availability - (upcoming change: Summer 2022)

Currently, both the Quizzes and New Quizzes tools are available in Canvas courses. (The New Quizzes tool must be enabled via the feature options in a Canvas course.) Beginning Summer 2022, Quizzes will no longer be available. As such, instructors may want to begin testing the New Quizzes tool this semester in preparation for the 2022-2023 school year. Instructors will be able to migrate content from Quizzes to New Quizzes. Find out more about New Quizzes at Getting started in New Quizzes.

If testing unearths any problems with the New Quizzes tool, please report these problems to Canvas@Cornell.edu so that we can work with the vendor to improve the tool before Quizzes are finally retired.

Fall 2021

Annotation Assignments

This recently released addition now allows instructors to upload a file for students to annotate and submit directly in Canvas. In the past, students had to either print the file and take a photo of their annotations to submit. Find out more about how students would engage in an annotation assignment at How do I annotate a file as an assignment submission in Canvas?

Require Assignment Resubmission

This recent addition to Canvas now allows instructors to use SpeedGrader to provide feedback and ​​reassign certain kinds of assignments with a due date to an individual student and ask them to redo their submission. Find out more about reassigning assignments at How do I reassign an assignment in SpeedGrader?

New Settings to Change Start/End Date for a Course

By default, students can participate in courses within the term start and end dates set by Cornell. However, as an instructor, you may change the participation start and end dates for your course. Dates can be shorter than or overlap the term dates.

Comment Library in SpeedGrader

The Comment Library allows instructors to save and reuse commonly used text feedback in SpeedGrader. As an instructor, you can add new comments and delete existing comments in the Comment Library. Comments you have added to the Comment Library are accessible from each course in which you are enrolled as an instructor.

Release notes

The Canvas corporate website provides detailed information on all releases, including those presented on this page.

Note: as this is a link to the corporate website, not all changes described on the linked page are applicable to Canvas at Cornell. If you have any questions or would like additional information about releases, please contact the Cornell Canvas team.