Mission, Vision, Values


The Center for Teaching Innovation partners with the Cornell teaching community to explore and foster inclusive, evidence-based teaching practices. We facilitate the development of vibrant, challenging, and reflective student-centered learning experiences.


Our vision is a Cornell teaching community that embraces the research on learning, catalyzes innovative instructional practices, and creates learning environments where every student can thrive.


Our values are more than words. These are the beliefs we hold that guide our behaviors.

  • Agile Thinking & Adaptability. We work collaboratively to find creative solutions within the constraints of available resources and in response to a changing environment and complex systems.
  • Respect. Building respectful relationships is fundamental to how we work: we practice and value thoughtfulness, confidentiality, caring, non-judgmental attitudes, active listening, cross-cultural sensitivity, and service-mindedness.
  • Curiosity. We cultivate the motivation to seek opportunities and contribute to new knowledge, to develop questions about teaching and learning, and to research and explore answers.
  • Experimentation. We value iterative processes, embrace failure as a rich source of learning, engage in a practice of ongoing critical reflection, and use data to guide our decisions.
  • Connectiveness. We are part of an interconnected, interdependent whole: we build relationships, and connect, bridge, and support communities of practice to invigorate teaching and learning at Cornell.