Teaching Resources

The Center supports instructors of any discipline or career stage to design, implement, and assess inclusive, student-centered learning environments. Evidence-based learning methods actively engage students in their own learning.  

Contact us by telephone, email, or drop in to the Center. In addition to one-on-one consultation services, we offer institutes, workshops, conferences, and other opportunities.  

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Online & Hybrid Teaching

Whether teaching entirely online or in a hybrid setting, you will engage students in ways that you might not have experienced before. Find information and resources for a smooth transition.

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Group Work & Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning encourages students to effectively work with peers, help each other learn, and feel a sense of belonging to a learning community.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation strategies provide important feedback for the growth and development of teachers and students.

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Recording Lectures

Information and resources for recording and sharing video lectures with your students, including tools, as well as video production and accessibility tips.

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Inclusion, Accessibility, & Accommodation

Inclusive learning environments help faculty build on the diverse talents and life experiences of students.

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TA Resources

As an instructor, planning a defined role for your teaching assistants can help you run your course more smoothly and enhance the learning experience for your students.

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Teaching at Cornell Guide

This guide introduces key aspects of teaching and learning at Cornell University through the lens of the five elements the CTI believes to be critical to instructor success.