Teaching Resources

The Center supports instructors of any discipline or career stage to design, implement, and assess inclusive, student-centered learning environments. Evidence-based learning methods actively engage students in their own learning.  

Contact us by telephone, email, or drop in to the Center. In addition to one-on-one consultation services, we offer institutes, workshops, conferences, and other opportunities.  

Student working on an assignment

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation strategies provide important feedback for the growth and development of teachers and students.  

A class holding class time outside

Building Inclusive Classrooms

Inclusive learning environments help faculty build on the diverse talents and life experiences of students.  

Faculty lecturing in a large classroom

Designing Your Course

The foundation for powerful learning experiences is to identify what’s most important for students to know, do, and value.

Faculty interacting with students during class

Engaging Students

The most sustained learning occurs when students are actively engaged in applying and constructing knowledge.