Faculty & Instructors

The Center offers the Cornell teaching community a range of grants and awards to support the implementation of innovative and evidence-based teaching methods. In addition, we collaborate in supporting other campus-wide initiatives. 

Contact us by telephone, email, or drop in to the Center for more information. 

Teaching Innovation Awards: Creative Responses to Generative AI

Supported by the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, the Teaching Innovation Award will recognize creative classroom experiences and teaching implementations, with the goal of inspiring other instructors through the sharing of new ideas, methods, and strategies at Cornell.  This year's theme will highlight creative engagements and approaches developed in response to generative AI.

Innovative Teaching & Learning Grants

Supported by the Office of the Provost, the Innovative Teaching & Learning Grants facilitate faculty exploring teaching innovations and emerging technologies that improve undergraduate learning.

Faculty Micro Grants Program

The Faculty Micro Grants Program offers grants for instructors of up to $1500 to support efforts to enhance teaching and learning.

Active Learning Initiative

The Active Learning Initiative provides departments and professors with opportunities to adopt high-impact learning practices, enhance learning with technology, and integrate active learning pedagogies into their classes.