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The Creative Technology Lab is a vibrant and innovative space designed to provide enhanced support for faculty as they incorporate emerging technologies into their pedagogical practice. Here, faculty can work with CTI’s instructional designers and specially trained student staff to bring virtual and extended reality (VR/XR), digital storytelling, and generative artificial intelligence into their teaching and student learning experiences.

Curious about how these offerings may fit into your course, but not sure where to start? All you need for a consult are your questions and a sense of possibility – we’ll work with you to see how and whether these technologies may be the right fit for your course.

Get started by filling out our Creative Technology Lab Intake Form.

Our Services

The CTL offers a variety of opportunities that support teaching and student learning.  We expect our offerings to grow and evolve over time.  Our initial set of services include: 


Immersive Technologies, including AR/VR & 360 video

Discover resources to help you address teaching problems that will support learning outcomes with immersive technologies, and learn about how hardware and software can alter the user's perception of the reality they are experiencing.


Experimenting with Generative AI

Home of the AI Playground and generative AI Toolkit, the CTL can help you envision, experience, and evaluate generative AI technologies that show promise for teaching and learning. 


Students setting up camera for outdoor filming with trees in background

Digital Storytelling

Learn about Storylab, the CTL’s initiative to help instructors and their students to create meaningful digital storytelling assignments and projects, and to help students develop the skills to complete these assignments.

Hours and Location

The Creative Tech Lab is located in the Computing & Communications Center, Room 123 (on the Ag Quad).  The lab is open Monday-Friday, with drop-ins welcome from 12:00-4:30 p.m. daily. We also offer meetings by appointment, with team members available from 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. daily.

Contact us at (607) 255-7224, or email us at

Equipment Loaning

The Creative Technology Lab has equipment available for loan to assist with your teaching. This includes VR headsets, tablets, cameras, audio devices, and accessories. Much of our equipment is focused on our initiatives in digital storytelling, extended reality, and generative AI. Our equipment can be borrowed by faculty, staff, and other instructors of Cornell courses. If you have a teaching need where technology might help, please fill out the Creative Technology Lab intake form and we'll contact you to discuss your request.

Who We Are

Our team of Instructional Designers and student Creative Technologists are excited to explore new ways of engaging students in meaningful learning. We work with faculty, teaching assistants (TAs), and CTI staff to apply innovative and emerging technologies to teaching and learning at Cornell.