Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

The Center offers graduate students a range of grants and awards to support the implementation of innovative and evidence-based teaching methods. In addition, we collaborate with departments and colleges in supporting other related teaching development initiatives.

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Cornelia Ye Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

The Cornelia Ye Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award honors two outstanding teaching assistants who have clearly demonstrated dedication and excellence in their teaching responsibilities.

Advanced Graduate Teaching Cohort program

The Advanced Graduate Teaching Cohort program offers the selected group of participants an opportunity to participate in a diverse graduate student teaching community, develop their individual teaching skills, and discuss effective and inclusive teaching practices.

CTI Graduate Teaching Fellowship

The CTI graduate teaching fellowship provides graduate students with an opportunity to design and implement teaching programs, events, and resources that foster teaching excellence and innovation. Participants will develop leadership and mentorship skills, reflect on and refine their teaching skills, enhance their communication skills, and foster collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching networks across the university.

Find more information about eligibility and the application.

2022-2023 Fellows

  • Garrett Beeghly, Biomedical Engineering
  • Cora Demler, Genetics, Genomics and Development
  • Mary Jane Dempsey, Romance Studies
  • Marissa Gee, Center for Applied Math
  • Geneva Graef, Animal Science
  • Kim Hochstedler, Statistics
  • Kristie LeBeau, Development Sociology
  • Warrick Ma, Chemistry
  • Anna Malinovskaya, Applied Economics & Management
  • Cheyenne Peltier, Chemistry
  • Augusto Santos Rampasso, Entomology
  • I-An "Amy" Su, Psychology
  • Rink Tacoma-Fogal, Animal Science
  • Alice Wolff, Medieval Studies
  • Brianna Zgurich, Philosophy

2021-2022 Fellows

  • Orchi Anannya, Biomedical & Biological Sciences
  • Garrett Beeghly, Biomedical Engineering
  • Elif Celikors, Psychology
  • Charlotte DeVitre, Geological Sciences
  • Rachael Fieweger, Microbiology
  • Joshua Garcia, Horticulture
  • Kim Hochstedler, Statistics
  • Hannah Hughes, Romance Studies
  • Mengwei Lin, Applied Economics and Management
  • Sol Lisboa, Biological and Environmental Engineering
  • Warrick Ma, Chemistry
  • Thuy-Tien Nguyen, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Julia Nolte, Psychology
  • Jeff Pea, Nutrition
  • Cheyenne Peltier, Chemistry
  • Shriya Rangarajan, City and Regional Planning
  • Rink Tacoma-Fogal, Animal Science
  • Bill Watson, Philosophy
  • Samantha Willden, Entomology
  • Emily Wollmuth, Microbiology
  • Brianna Zgurich, Philosophy