Video & Multimedia

What Video & Multimedia are available? 

The Center provides a variety of video and multimedia services to instructors. These range from equipment check out and training to a full video production team. The Center also provides tools to help instructors work with video and other multimedia applications, and extensive training on all tools it supports. 

Why use Video & Multimedia Services?

Using various multimedia applications can help engage students both in and outside class. They can be used to help develop active learning assignments, team building activities, and facilitate a flipped classroom model. The Center can help instructors work through what is needed for a particular project as well as some of the best practices for creating assignments that use video or other multimedia tools for teaching and learning.

Considerations for Using Video & Multimedia

Some of the Center’s services are provided at no direct cost, while others are on a fee-for-service model. Video and multimedia projects often take more time and become more complex than originally envisioned. Although many self-service tools are easy to use, in some cases there is a learning curve.

Getting Started with Video & Multimedia

Contact the Center to set up a consultation or explore the Resource Library items to learn more about individual tools.