Create a studio in your home or office

Creating a studio in your home or office can provide consistent quality video for your course materials at a reasonable price. We've provided below a list of recommended equipment that can help create an environment that is relatively easy to use and yet able to produce good quality audio and video.


These webcams will provide a clearer and better quality image than the one built into your laptop.


A dedicated microphone will help capture your voice as you lecture and reduce unwanted noise.

Option 1 (includes a separate desktop microphone and headphones)

Option 2 (an all-in-one headset with a built-in microphone)


A ring light provides even lighting with the webcam positioned in the center (note, you'll need a stand for your ring light too). Panel Lights are attached to tripods and can be positioned around the room to allow greater flexibility.

Optional accessories


We recommend finding a location in your home or office that is inviting and not too distracting that helps the viewer connect with you during your video. If you are interested in a background screen, we recommend the options below.

Tablet display

A tablet allows you to write on a computer monitor as you would a whiteboard. Several programs will let you take advantage of this function to incorporate this feature into your online teaching.