Any Person, Many Stories

Any Person, Many Stories: Histories of Exclusion and Inclusion at Cornell is a shared exploration of our aspiration toward "...any person ...any study." The project will center around a digital exhibition (to open Fall 2022) featuring histories researched and written by Cornell students, faculty (and former faculty), alumni, and staff. The aim is to foster an abiding sense of belonging for all by sparking genuine, necessary conversations about Cornell’s past, present, and future. Collectively, we will surface and share stories that tell us a more complete account of our shared history, in a way that matters to individuals and groups.

Get involved

The Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) invites applications from the Cornell community to participate in Any Person, Many Stories

Individual participation

Any person, either currently or formerly affiliated with Cornell, is invited to submit a story for consideration to the Any Person, Many Stories project. If you are interested in submitting an idea for a story, a completed story, or have general questions, we encourage you to fill out our interest form. Teams or student organizations who might want to work on a story together are also encouraged to reach out.

Course-based participation

The Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) invites applications from the Cornell teaching community to participate in Any Person, Many Stories. Faculty and full-time instructors may propose projects that embed an assignment in a course to explore histories of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Cornell. See the call for proposals for more information and to apply for funding to support your project.

For more information about participating, we invite you to attend our upcoming information session on May 12, 1:00 -2:00 p.m.

Development & funding

While CTI is coordinating Any Person, Many Stories, we could not do it without the generous support of our partners across campus (explore our advisory committee) or the funding provided by the Cornell Presidential Advisors on Diversity and Equity (PADE) through the Belonging at Cornell grant initiative.

Project timeline

  • Spring 2021: Initiation and planning
  • Summer 2021: Creation and collaboration
  • Fall 2021: Development
  • Spring 2022: Soft website launch
  • Summer 2022: Website completion
  • Fall 2022: Exhibit launch

Project goals and objectives

Any Person, Many Stories project goals
Goal Objectives
An increased sense of belonging among members of the Cornell community who engage with the project
  • Promote awareness of meaningful institutional change at Cornell.
  • Support individuals’ sense of belonging at Cornell.
  • Promote critical reflection on how one’s own individual experience is alike and different from that of other Cornellians now and in the past.
Faculty development programming on public history to support “Any Person, Many Stories” projects
  • Develop support materials for project participants
  • Create a faculty mini-grant program for course assignments
  • Opportunities for faculty to work together
  • Offer workshops on related teaching strategies to all project participants (including the lead faculty and staff members creating constellations/stories for the website)
An infrastructure for creating, curating, and submitting content
  • Design process and submission criteria and guidelines for content creation
  • Design process for content submission and review
An infrastructure for sharing projects (design, maintenance, marketing)
  • Create an accessible and mobile-friendly exhibition website to engage the campus community
  • Involve students throughout the design process
Sustained engagement with “Any Person, Many Stories”
  • Publish guides and templates to support storytelling and submissions to the exhibition
  • Establish a process for reviewing and addressing feedback from site users and contributors
  • Create resources to support the use of the “Any Person, Many Stories” website by administrative units