Any Person, Many Stories

Any Person, Many Stories: Histories of Exclusion and Inclusion at Cornell is a shared exploration of our aspiration toward "...any person ...any study." The project centers around a digital exhibition  featuring histories researched and written by Cornell students, faculty (and former faculty), alumni, staff and community members. The aim is to foster an abiding sense of belonging for all by sparking genuine, necessary conversations about Cornell’s past, present, and future. Collectively, we share stories that tell us a more complete account of our shared history, in a way that matters to individuals and groups.

Visit the digital exhibition. 

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Development & Funding

While CTI is coordinating Any Person, Many Stories, we could not do it without the generous support of our partners across campus (explore our advisory committee) or the funding provided by the Cornell Presidential Advisors on Diversity and Equity (PADE) through the Belonging at Cornell grant initiative. Stories were created by individuals or by students working with instructors in courses with a related assignment. Instructors received modest grants to support their efforts.

We’d like to thank our grantees:Taylor Bouraad with Kim Garrison and Claire Menard, Derek Chang, Brooke Duffy, Corey Earle, Durba Ghosh, Kurt Jordan, Yarden Kedar, Jen Majka, Annalisa Raymer, Juno Salazar Parrenas, Leah Sweet and the Johnson Museum interns program.

For more information on the project, to invite a presentation or related event, or to participate, email