Sustain inclusive learning environments where students feel a sense of belonging and can thrive

Diversity is one of five key synergistic and often interdependent domains, along with innovation, evidence-based teaching, technology, and assessment & evaluation, that guide the resources, services, and mission of the CTI.

Our classrooms reflect our increasingly diverse society. As Cornell promotes teaching and learning environments with verve, we benefit from an intentional process of exploration and application of strategies drawn from social and educational research, neuroscience, and our collective experiences. Our programs, through a process of interdisciplinary collegial reflection and discernment, serve to share diverse perspectives, knowledge, and teaching practices.

Diversity programming

Our programming includes confidential individual- and committee- or department-level consultations, an online course for anyone teaching, institutes and workshops for faculty and graduate students and postdocs.

Invite a facilitator to your department meeting, retreat, teaching community luncheon, or diversity committee to explore opportunities, discuss inclusive teaching from your disciplinary standpoint, launch a semester with new strategies, or to work as a community toward a shared goal focused on inclusion.

Diverse Classrooms at Cornell

Teaching & learning in the diverse classroom

The Center for Teaching Innovation is offering a new online course, Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom. This course is open to the Cornell teaching community, in a cohort, college, department, or as an individual, with all disciplines and any level of diversity expertise welcome.

Online faculty learning community for inclusive teaching

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Each June, we invite you to join our five-session Online faculty learning community for inclusive teaching. Deepen your exploration of Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom through active listening and exchanging different perspectives with other committed instructors.

Faculty institute for diversity

The Faculty Institute for Diversity is a two-day opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary peer-group to explore how to create and support an inclusive learning environment. By the end of this institute, you will have had the chance to transform a course through the lens of diversity and inclusion and will have created an action plan for next semester’s teaching.


Inclusive teaching institute

The Inclusive Teaching Institute for Graduate Students and Postdocs is a two-day retreat for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to explore diversity and inclusion in teaching and learning. Identify strategies to increase inclusion and accessibility, boost student engagement, foster a sense of belonging, and design an action plan for future teaching.

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Curriculum mapping for diversity & inclusion

This consultative service guides academic programs through the curriculum mapping process, with a specific focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes.