International Teaching Assistant Program Course

What is the International Teaching Assistant Program Course?

The International Teaching Assistant Program Course (ALS 5780) offers international teaching assistant (ITA) students the opportunity to enhance their communication and teaching skills. The course includes small group seminars, bi-monthly conferences with instructors, audio journals, and teaching practicums. Each course has three main components in oral communication, cross-cultural classroom communication, and teaching techniques.

Who can Participate?

The course is open to graduate ITAs with priority given based on immediacy of TA assignment.

When is the Graduate Coursework?

Date: Fall and spring semester course sections are offered.

Time: Please check Student Center for course section times.

Desired Outcomes

  • Develop and refine oral communication through interactive activities that focus on interaction in authentic academic contexts. Areas of focus include:
    • Pronunciation of specific phonemes (vowel and consonant sounds).
    • Intonation and rhythm of American English.
    • Grammar and time frames.
    • Fluency and vocabulary development.
    • Culturally defined rhetorical and speech compensation strategies.
  • Understand issues related to teaching and learning in cross-cultural higher education settings (Cornell in particular). Areas of focus include:
    • Planning and presenting information clearly and effectively.
    • Developing interactive, student-led teaching strategies.
    • Managing a classroom.
    • Understanding issues related to diversity.
    • Seeking support in teaching situations.
    • Developing individual teaching philosophies and identities.
  • Integrate communication and teaching skills through activities that take place in or approximate authentic academic contexts such as micro-teaching presentations, role-play scenarios, leading discussions, classroom visits, and peer feedback and consultations.

Registration Process

Graduate students interested in taking ALS 5780 will register for the course through the normal course registration process. Please note that spaces fill quickly, so early registration is encouraged. No course audits are allowed.

Contact for questions about this course.