Digital Portfolios (Digication)

What are digital portfolios? 

Digital Portfolios are dynamic online spaces where students can reflect, publish, and share individual or collaborative content. Digication (the Cornell-supported program for Digital Portfolios) has a powerful feedback component and uses a template-based system. In addition, departments can access Digication to assist with accreditation and assessment of curriculum. 

Why use digital portfolios? 

Digital Portfolios are a flexible resource where students and faculty can collaborate on developmental (project-based), reflective (self-awareness and learning), or representational (showcasing and sharing) experiences. Digication can be used in the classroom or across the curriculum. 

The learning purposes of Digital Portfolios include:  

  • Reflecting upon learning processes and outcomes. 
  • Organizing and presenting learning accomplishments. 
  • Developing self-assessment skills. 
  • Representing and sharing learning experiences in an online platform. 

Considerations for using digital portfolios 

Digication allows individualized or template-based online learning spaces and is not meant to be a content-delivery tool or a platform for discussions. 

Getting started with digital portfolios 

Contact the Center to get started with Digication. We can help review goals, add student users, and teach your group.