Web Conferencing

What is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing allows instructors to connect to individuals and groups in virtually any location with an internet connection. The connection can be computer-to-computer, or to a standards-based video conference system such as a Polycom. Cornell supports Zoom as a web conferencing platform.

Why Use Web Conferencing?

Outside experts and peer-to-peer collaboration between your students can have a powerful impact on teaching and learning. Students can collaborate with groups and classes in other locations and other countries with a combination of chat, video chat, desktop sharing, and whiteboarding.

Considerations for Using Web Conferencing

Internet connection can be an issue and there can be technical issues with any web conferencing application. Individuals joining the conference may need a little assistance turning on their web camera or microphone. Activities should be thoughtfully designed around the capabilities of the tool.

Getting Started with Web Conferencing

Contact the Center for more information on how to use web conferencing in the classroom or explore the Resource Library items on your own.