Proctoring Services

The way you structure assessments and communicate with students can help promote academic integrity. Proctoring is not always a viable or desirable strategy. For online courses, we encourage instructors to consider alternatives to high-stakes exams whenever possible to lower student anxiety, a key factor leading to cheating. Learn more in the recorded webinar: alternative assessment strategies.

However, there may be some departments or courses interested in pursuing online proctoring, and Cornell does have a contract with Examity. Examity offers automated proctoring and human, online proctoring for individual courses and is ready to assist Cornell instructors in setting up proctoring. The service is fee-based per exam, and departments will need to pay for their own use. 

Examity Options

Pricing is subject to change
  • Automated Proctoring:  For automated proctoring, Examity uses a 3-stage authentication process. First, a test-taker submits an official ID and a real-time image taken from the webcam. These are matched against the test-taker’s ID on file. Next, the test-taker answers a series of “challenge” questions to further verify their identity. Finally, the test-taker submits a digital signature that measures the keystroke cadence, to be matched against the test-taker’s original digital signature on file.  Once this is complete, automated proctoring technology monitors the test from start to finish.
  • Record & Review Proctoring
  • Live Proctoring

Getting Started

Contact: the Examity Account Service Team at Visit Examity's Instructor FAQ.

For more information or a consultation please feel free to contact the Center for Teaching Innovation.