2018 Innovation Grants

Our 2018 awards funded five innovative projects - incorporating virtual reality, ancient musical instruments, a whisper room, and more. Learn more and click the images below for video features:

VIDEO - Art of Math

Classics – Courtney Roby, Associate Professor/Andrew Hicks, Associate Professor

Project: to create new tools to assist in making their team-taught course "The Art of Math" more active and engaging for their diverse group of students.

VIDEO - Virtual Reality and Intercultural Competence

Communication – Andrea Won, Assistant Professor/Connie Yuan, Professor

Project: to use virtual reality to help teach students intercultural competence

VIDEO - Bio-Imagination Makerspace

Neurobiology & Behavior - Mark Sarvary, Senior Lecturer

Project: to develop a new learning space "bio-imagination makerspace" with the investigative biology teaching laboratories.

VIDEO - Online Biology

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – Kelly Zamudio, Professor/Abby Drake, Senior Lecturer

Project: to create an online evolutionary biology course that utilizes active learning techniques.


Psychology – Katherine Kinzler, Associate Professor

Project: Professor Kinzler’s research seeks to identify and increase engagement by promoting inclusion in the classroom. Through exploration and observation of various teaching strategies she is creating an instructional delivery framework that will further test and ideally promote inclusion. Thus far, results have not only increased student participation in many instances but have also positively increased the depth of student participation as well as academic achievements. As a next step, this framework will be applied across disciplines and outcomes will be compared.