2022-23 Innovation Grants

Each year, the Center invites the Cornell teaching community to propose projects that explore new strategies, emerging technologies, and approaches to facilitate vibrant, challenging, and reflective learning experiences. The 2022-2023 grant recipients are developing unique, creative ways to bring new learning opportunities to students and advance teaching within their disciplines. These project are currently in progress. 

The CTI has funded a wide range of faculty projects through the Innovative Teaching & Learning Awards.  Explore the variety of innovation projects: 2022-23 | 2021-22 | 2019-20 | 2018-19

Awardees and Projects

Emilia Illana Mahiques; Juan M. Escalona Torres


Romance Studies

Giving Purpose to Students' Second Language Practices: Fulfilling Meaningful and Authentic Tasks through Task-based Language Teaching

Abby Snyder


Food Science & Technology

Improving student learning outcomes and satisfaction in large STEM lecture courses

Liz Karns


Integrated Data Science Ethics

Becoming the Outcome

Doug McKee



Improving Student Comprehension Through Interactive Model Visualization

Juno Parrenas


Science & Technology Studies

Pandemics Past and Pending eBook