Add learning apps to Canvas

Instructors can create new learning opportunities and experiences for students by adding particular learning applications to Canvas.

  • Review the list of apps that are currently available for use at Cornell.
  • If you have identified an app you wish to use, see request process below.
  • If you need help finding a learning app for a specific need, please contact us.

Canvas functionalities can be extended through the incorporation of a variety of third-party learning apps. These apps can be integrated with Canvas through Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI), a standard set of specifications for allowing third-party learning applications to integrate with educational platforms. Third-party LTI integration allows the application to connect to Canvas in order to extend features and functions.

Requests to integrate an app with Canvas should be initiated by the faculty or academic department. Any requests coming directly from a 3rd party vendor including publishers will not be considered.

Current list of available apps

To access these tools, send an email to CTI to request that they be added to your course. Unless otherwise indicated, they are available free of charge.

Available Apps (Unless otherwise indicated, these tools can be found in your Canvas course navigation tab, under course settings: Course > Settings > Navigation)
Apps on DemandOn-demand browser access to software applications in a virtual, windows-based, computer lab (by request: contact CTI to add this app to your course)
Canvas CredentialsDigital credentials issued to students for learning achievements
CampusPressFlexible online spaces to meet a variety of teaching goals, including collaboration, digital literacy, and communication skills
CodioTeach computer programming in an online environment, at scale, by providing just-in-time feedback on student work (using this app incurs an additional subscription fee)
DigicationDigital portfolios to make student learning visible and shareable
Ed DiscussionEd Discussion offers the ability to collaborate on and run code snippets, upload documents and images, complete math equations, embedded video, and annotate images
FeedbackFruitsA social learning platform that offers tools to facilitate online peer reviews and group reviews of submitted work, as well as group member evaluation for team projects
FlipAn asynchronous video discussion tool to record and edit video posts on a topic and respond to one another via video threads
GoReactInstructors can provide just-in-time feedback to students on shared video content; for example, to comment on a process or sequence of actions the student has recorded
GradescopeGrading technology that saves time for Faculty and TAs and helps them provide consistent, high-quality feedback to students
HypothesisA social annotation platform that allows students to collaboratively read and annotate and PDFs and websites
iClickerStudent response system for in-class polling and peer instruction (requires student purchase of a physical clicker or subscription to an app)
Instant AccessCornell Store's electronic textbook program
KalturaUpload, create, store, and stream video
Library ReservesAccess course materials through the library
McGraw Hill ConnectPublisher content collections and additional resources
MacmillanPublisher content collections and additional resources
PanoptoLecture recording, screencasting, video streaming
Pearson (myLab)Publisher homework, tutorial, and assessment
PerusallTool for students and instructors to collaboratively mark-up PDF documents
Poll EverywhereStudent response system for in-class polling and peer instruction
TurnitinProvides similarity/originality reports for student work and can be used to help develop proper paraphrasing and citation skills. Also used to facilitate assessment with rubrics, in-line grading, and peer assessment tools.
VocareumA flexible, cost-effective, fully managed lab of software for diverse computational practices. Grade and review student work. Access Jupyter Notebooks, Python, R, c/c++, java, and more (using this app incurs an additional subscription fee)
VoiceThreadCreate, share, and comment on online, multimedia presentations (by request: contact CTI to add this app to your courseusing this app also incurs an additional subscription fee)
W.W. NortonPublisher content collections and additional resources
ZoomRemote video conferencing with interactive whiteboard and screen-sharing

Process for requesting integration of a learning app

Each request to integrate a new learning app will be reviewed in the areas of functionality, accessibility, security, FERPA compliance, and cost. Timeframes for integration depend on the unique attributes of each app. Requests should be initiated by the faculty or academic department. Any requests coming directly from a 3rd party vendor including publishers will not be considered. We recommend submitting your request as early as possible; the review process can take 1-2 months. Please contact us for more information.

Request a learning app here

Many learning apps come with costs associated. Unless the university has a general license allowing faculty use (see list above), learning apps must be paid for by individuals, departments, or colleges. CTI will help integrate the app with Canvas but cannot provide ongoing financial support.

Contact us with any questions.