Ed Discussion

What is Ed Discussion?

Ed Discussion is an online discussion platform, live communication tool, and messaging app for classes of every size. In addition to supporting student questions and answers, Ed Discussion offers the ability to collaborate on and run code snippets, upload documents and images, complete math equations, embedded video, and annotate images. Threaded discussion board posts can be categorized, private, or even anonymous. Student responses can be ‘endorsed’ and marked with instructor feedback. Handy analytics help with grading when desired, and connections can be made to your Canvas course for easy enrollment.

Why use Ed Discussion?

There are several benefits to using Ed Discussion.  

  • Fewer direct emails being sent to the instructor
Fewer duplicate questions being asked

  • Students often answer each other's questions

  • The whole class
 can benefit from answers to questions
  • Ed Discussion makes it easier to express ideas with equations, runnable code, and more

Getting started with Ed Discussion

See Getting Started in Ed Discussion or Webinar Recording: Ed Discussion in our Learning Technologies Resource Library, or visit the Ed Discussion Quick Start Guide for information on using this platform and setting it up for your class. Contact the CTI with any questions or for further information about Ed Discussion.