Blogs & course websites (CampusPress)

What are blogs & course websites? 

Blogs and course websites built with CampusPress are flexible online spaces built for numerous teaching purposes from distributing course information online to facilitating collaboration and building digital literacy and communication skills. Course websites are built by the instructor or collaboratively with students using a template-based, WordPress system and have a variety of tools and plugins as well as privacy settings to choose from.  

Why use blogs & course websites? 

Blogs and course websites allow for a wide variety of teaching and learning exercises. Students can collaborate by building a shared, public or private online resource, can post and comment on documents or multimedia content, link to external resources, share resources with others outside of the Cornell community, and engage in other contemporary online practices relevant to internet communications; such as blogging, social sharing, and other desktop or mobile-friendly activities. CampusPress can work in conjunction with Canvas or be an alternative system used for sharing content and collaborating online. For example, instructors can connect their course website directly to Canvas, allowing student users to pass-through to CampusPress more seamlessly.

Considerations for using blogs & course websites 

CampusPress, while a powerful online teaching tool, does not offer students a private, individual learning, and reflection space like the Digital Portfolio tool. Further, unlike the Learning Management System, it cannot be used for grading, formal assignment submissions (such as Turnitin) or traditional discussion board posting. Learners may also need to be taught how to develop and use a blog or course website.  

Getting started with blogs & course websites 

CampusPress is free to use by faculty provided there is a formal course number associated with the site. The Center is available to help with getting started, adding student users, and advising on tips and tricks.