Electronic Lab Notebooks (LabArchives)

What is an Electronic Lab Notebook? 

An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) can be used by students and researchers for organizing laboratory data, saving historical versions of files, sharing information, and collaborating with others. It is used for various types of laboratories, including engineering, chemistry, biology, and more. The Cornell-supported ELN is LabArchives. 

Why use an ELN? 

LabArchives has a classroom edition that can be used in a lab-based classroom and replace the traditional lab notebook. An ELN cannot be lost and can be accessed at all times. Lab protocols and procedures can easily be reproduced, and lab instruments can be set up to feed data directly into the ELN. 

Considerations for an ELN 

If using the classroom edition of LabArchives, there are some permission and document sharing settings that must be considered. Learners will also need to be taught how to use the ELN at the beginning of class. 

Getting started with an ELN 

Contact the Center for more information on getting started or explore the Resource Library items on your own.