FeedbackFruits helps faculty create engaging courses and stimulating active learning through a suite of tools. FeedbackFruits has been integrated with Canvas and can be used to build graded and non-graded activities in Canvas Assignments and Modules respectively. Graded activities sync with Canvas Gradebook.The tools that make up FeedbackFruits include:

  • PeerReview: this tool allows students to submit individual or group work; provide individual or group feedback, guided by a scoring rubric or sliding scale criteria; perform self-assessments; and reflect on feedback provided by their peers
  • Group Member Evaluation: this tool provides a platform for students to evaluate their team members’ contributions to a group project

Why use peer reviews?

Peer assessment, or review, can improve overall learning by helping students become better readers, writers, and collaborators. A well-designed peer review program develops lifelong skills in assessing and providing feedback to others, reflecting on the feedback and improving one’s own work.

For additional information on peer review, please see the full playlist including the video opposite.

Getting started with FeedbackFruits

To provide more information about using FeedbackFruits to support student learning in your class, we have partnered with the software vendor to offer a workshop: Peer Reviews and Collaboration with FeedbackFruits.

To learn more about how Cornell instructors have used FeedbackFruits to facilitate peer review and group member evaluation in their courses, see the recorded faculty presentations in Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation Use Cases with Meejeong Song, Doug McKee, and Deena Thomas sharing their experiences with peer review assignments and the lessons they learned in the process.

We are also available to consult with you to answer any questions and help you incorporate FeedbackFruits into your course.