In-Video Quizzes in Panopto & Kaltura

What is In-Video Quizzing?

Panopto and Kaltura are two video delivery platforms used at Cornell. Panopto is a lecture capture application, and Kaltura is a video-streaming platform. Both integrate with Cornell’s Learning Management System and allow users to build quizzes into videos themselves. After a video is created using Panopto or a video is uploaded to Kaltura, quiz questions can be placed at specific time points throughout the video.

Why Use In-Video Quizzes?

To assess student learning, as well as recall of difficult concepts, quizzes can be placed at specific time points in videos. They can be used for self-assessment or as graded assessments. Instructors can also collect data on what concepts are difficult for students from the quiz results.

Considerations for Using In-Video Quizzes

Building good question takes time and thoughtful preparation. Currently, various multiple-choice question is the only option in in-video quizzes.

Getting Started with In-Video Quizzes

Contact the Center for help getting started or review the Resource Library items on your own.