What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is plagiarism detection software that scans student work for matched text by comparing the work to a large database of student work, publications, and materials on the internet. The Turnitin service is available through an interface built in to Cornell's Canvas Learning Management System.

Why Use Turnitin?

Cornell students are expected to practice academic integrity. Turnitin is a learning technology tool that can help students meet these requirements and learn how to properly reference and cite.

Considerations for Using Turnitin

Turnitin is for instructional purposes only. Although Turnitin is usually used for plagiarism detection, instructors have the option of not using the originality checking features and may choose to use Turnitin Assignments in order to have access to the Rubric, GradeMark and PeerMark tools.

Getting Started with Turnitin

By default Turnitin is activated in all Canvas courses. Follow the instructions for creating an assignment using Turnitin

Contact the Center to set up a consultation to learn more about how to incorporate Turnitin into teaching and learning. Several Resource Library items are also available to explore on your own.