FeedbackFruits: Peer learning and group evaluation use cases

In this workshop, faculty presenters will share their experience and use cases for the Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation tools to facilitate peer and collaborative learning. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session. Our FeedbackFruits representatives will be available to answer questions and share insights.


This workshop is intended for instructors, postdocs, and TAs interested in implementing peer review (peer assessment) and group member evaluation assignments in their courses. Consider joining whether you have previously used FeedbackFruits technology or not. This session will focus on peer review teaching strategies and setting.


Watch a recording of Peer learning and group evaluation use cases.

You can also watch individual segments of the workshop:

Faculty presenters

  • Meejeong Song, Senior lecturer and Coordinator of the Korean Language Program in Asian Studies, will present findings based on her experience of incorporating peer review to improve student writing in Korean and foster learner autonomy.
  • Doug McKee, Senior lecturer in Economics and ALI project lead for Economics, will speak about leveraging group member evaluation to support semester-long teamwork in a large-enrollment course.
  • Deena Thomas, Postdoctoral fellow in the Division of Nutritional Sciences, will share her experience using FeedbackFruits peer review to facilitate group work in a Public Health course.