Getting Started with LabArchives

LabArchives is an electronic lab notebook that can help instructors and learners better manage, share, and publish research notes, data, protocols, and related documents. Some of the features of LabArchives include: 

  • the ability to share and collaborate on notebooks by multiple parties. 
  • the ability to store multiple file types, including images, GraphPad Prism, FlowJo, PDFs, and Office documents. 
  • the ability to create templates, forms, and custom applications for routine laboratory tasks. 
  • the ability for instructors to provide feedback on students’ notebooks. 
  • storage of every version of every file, recording the date, time, and username. 

In addition to the regular LabArchives version, Cornell also offers a Classroom Edition that provides students with their own electronic lab notebooks. Students can collaborate and share work with each other and with instructors. 

Using LabArchives ELN in your lab (YouTube) 

Using the LabArchives ELN in the classroom (YouTube) 

Steps to Get Started

  • If you are planning on using LabArchives for classroom use, we strongly suggest contacting the Center so we can help ensure everything is set up correctly. If you are not using it for a class, we have suggestions on best practices for setting up your notebook account. 
  • Access your Lab Archives notebook and follow the instructions to login using your Cornell NetID. 
  • Use the tutorials and help notebooks within your LabArchives notebook or set up a consultation with the Center. Learn more about the following: 
    • How to get yourself set up with an account. 
    • How to add and share some common content types. 
    • Advanced features of the software. 
    • Best practices for organizing and working with content 
    • How you can use this tool in the classroom/teaching lab.