Generative AI Video Resources & Recordings

Video Resources

An Introduction to AI Tools for Educators

  • Description: Curious about generative AI but not sure where to start? In this video, Kyle Harms, Senior Lecturer in Information Science and MTEI Teaching Fellow, breaks down the basics of what generative AI tools are and how they work. Then, Harms walks Erik Eshelman, University Engineer and Director of Engineering, Facilities Engineering – and a self-professed ChatGPT newbie – through just a few examples of what AI can and cannot do, and what that might look like in the classroom. There are many more examples of how generative AI may impact the classroom, and this conversation is just one of them.
  • Chapters
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 03:02 Generative AI in the Classroom
    • 07:56 Adapting Across Disciplines
    • 14:05 Addressing Academic Integrity

Workshop Recordings

Introduction to Generative A.I., Including Chat GPT 

  • Description: Calling all instructors who are new to the world of ChatGPT! Join us for an informative, hands-on event designed to introduce you to the basics of A.I. and large language models (LLMs). See what the tools are like, discover how students and Instructors are using them, and leave with considerations and guidance moving forward for classes. Whether you’re curious, apprehensive, or excited about the use of A.I., this event will provide a space for you to hear from colleagues and get an idea of how this might impact your semester. Held Monday, August 14, 2023, on Zoom.
  • Chapters:

Harnessing AI to Enhance Students' Learning Experience