Designing Your Course

Use these pages to guide you in planning or revising a course. 

Course Redesign 

Learn how can you revise a course through course redesign.

Flipping the Classroom 

Flip the classroom by moving course content out of the classroom and using class time for more engaged learning. 

Incorporating Diversity 

Design your course to incorporate diversity

Student Evaluations 

Learn how previous student evaluations can inform your course design. 

The First Day of Class 

Ensure a successful first day of class experience.

Universal Design for Learning 

Design your course to accommodate the needs and abilities of all learners by incorporating universal design for learning, and eliminate unnecessary hurdles to the learning process. 

Working with Teaching Assistants 

Understand how to effectively work with teaching assistants

Writing a Syllabus 

Write a syllabus to communicate your course policies, procedures, and other course-related information.