Wikis (Confluence)

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a web space that allows sharing of a wide variety of materials between individuals and groups in a structured way. Commonly shared materials are documents, videos, images, audio files, and the pages created in the wiki. Teams or groups can access and edit materials and there are extensive permission structures. The Cornell-supported wiki tool is Confluence. Wiki tools are also built into Cornell’s Learning Management System.

Why Use Wikis?

Wikis are used for peer interaction and feedback as well as to increase collaboration between students and groups. Bring active learning to the classroom and help students engage with the content through group projects. Changes to documents and pages can be tracked and managed to see progression of student learning and participation.

Considerations when Using Wikis

Assignments and projects that involve collaboration need to be carefully designed. Sometimes the permissions structures can be difficult to use at first. There may be an initial learning curve when starting to use a wiki, so allow time for instructors and learners to become familiar with using the tool.  At Cornell, a Confluence site needs to be requested from Cornell Information Technology (CIT).

Getting Started with Wikis

A Confluence site can be set-up by CIT upon request. Contact the Center for teaching ideas and best practices.