Lecture Capture (Panopto)

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture with Panopto is a self-service application that allows instructors to record lectures from their own computer or in some cases from a classroom computer or capture device. It can be used for classroom lectures or to create mini lectures from home or the office. The short mini lectures can be used in a flipped classroom model, or full, in-class lectures can be recorded for later reference by students. It can also be used to create videos for online courses.

Why Use Lecture Capture?

Build more time for active learning into class by creating short lecture videos for students to watch outside of class. Help student’s self-assessment by using in-video quiz features. Provide students with copies of full in-class lectures for reference and review.

Considerations for Using Lecture Capture

Creating mini-lectures can be time consuming. Lecturing directly into a computer is a very different experience from lecturing to a classroom of people; it will take some practice. If capturing full in-class lectures, it may reduce attendance if learners do not want to be captured on video.

Getting Started with Lecture Capture

Panopto can be download onto any Mac or PC through Cornell’s Learning Management System. Video tutorials are available to assist with doing so.

Contacting the Center for a consultation is recommended to familiarize you with the software and to help understand what your teaching and learning goals are. Instruction and workshops are also available on using Panopto and other video and multimedia tools.